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Paula Martini

Paula started her eponymous brand in 1999 in José Ignacio, a fishing village in southeastern Uruguay, where she moved with her husband. This was just before the sleepy fishing nook was transformed into a preferred international hotspot during the South American summer season.

Twenty-five years later, Paula Martini is a brand with a strong personal identity, infused with the charm of José Ignacio. It is known for its unique style that captures the essence of the place, with each piece of clothing telling a story of the sea, sand, and steady wind.

The brand’s personal touch is intangible, very local, and deeply personal. Elegant and classic, the aesthetic language has been consistently developed over the twenty years Paula lived in José Ignacio. Her style is simple, using noble materials with a romantic touch and balanced with “sea-tailored” pieces. The garments are sensual, relaxed, and effortlessly chic. Especially renowned are her timeless sweaters. The yarns used are of high quality, and the team pays meticulous attention to detail, focusing on the craftsmanship in each piece. The one eternal ongoing collection is very versatile, transcending trends and seasons. Paula’s knitwear designs are intimately entwined with the José Ignacio way of life. For years, the production of garments was synchronized with the village’s seasonal rhythms: autumn for sketching ideas, winter for knitting, spring for dyeing, and summer for releasing them to her loyal buyers. Paula’s favorite stage was spring when she experimented tirelessly with dyes, textures, and trimmings, bringing inimitable life to each piece.

Since 2022, Paula has been based in Argentina during the winter, bringing her workshop across the Río de la Plata. New team members have joined, and since then, the brand also has a space in the Bajo Belgrano neighborhood. Here, in addition to ongoing research, designing, and more production, there’s a showroom that allows clients to experience the personal universe of this small, unique brand. The eastern winds of José Ignacio bring, woven into every seam, a touch of the sea to Buenos Aires.

Where We Are

The setting is the fishing village of José Ignacio, where Paula arrived over 20 years ago and where her love for knitting began. Located on a peninsula in south-eastern Uruguay, José Ignacio, formerly a sleepy nook by the sea, has morphed over the years into one of the preferred international hotspots during the South American summer season.

Inspired by the great Uruguayan tradition of the handmade, along with elegant simplicity of her natural surroundings on the ocean, Paula’s all-season designs are a unique brand, in which each piece is crafted from a select choice of yarns sourced from across Latin America and and dyed by hand in her own atelier. Day-to-night, beach-to-cocktail these are garments that play with shape and volume in a wide variety of stiches and textures. They are pieces to be cherished and kept, always outliving seasonal trends.


Paula spent her childhood among the sewing studios of her grandmothers and great-grandmothers. She studied painting for eight years at Susana Marenco’s studio. After finishing school, she attended the Prilidiano Pueyrredón National School of Fine Arts for three years, then moved to New York to study Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design. She also took courses in Dyeing Techniques at Central Saint Martins in London.

In 1999, she settled in the then-quiet fishing village of José Ignacio, Uruguay. Together with her husband, Martín Pittaluga, they opened Bajo el Alma, a restaurant with a small shop that fully captured the essence of the place and quickly became a beloved spot for summer visitors. Because of Paula’s high standard of craftsmanship and the intimate labor of the knitters executing her designs, these knits carry a sense of having been touched, enhancing the feeling of comfort and warmth in each piece.

At Bajo el Alma, Paula showcased her initial production of hand-knitted sweaters along with silk, cotton, and linen blouses and dresses, all hand-dyed by herself. These pieces always reflected a deep appreciation for patience and craftsmanship.

Today, she is based in Buenos Aires and continues to work back and forth from her studio and showroom in Bajo Belgrano in Buenos Aires to her beloved store in Jose Ignacio.